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Mystik Films is a New York based film and media production company with collaborative partners in Tokyo, Bogota, Valencia and Berlin.
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We do films, multimedia art, screenwriting, theater, music scoring, motion graphics, and projects of a social-political nature.

Films & Documentaries

As film-makers we are interested in unique, diverse subjects and culturally-sensitive issues, as they relate to art, the environment and social conciousness in the world-at-large. Mystik Films seeks to create complex audiovisual messages that meld modern motifs with mythical icons, characters and stories.
Our creative team includes a rich list of collaborators and international partnerships, all seeking to forster a greater sense of intellectual and artistic sharing, even if we pursue our individual and diversified goals.

Creative Design & Multimedia

With a strong background in television production and motion graphic design, Mystik Films seeks to visually explore the mystical connections between cultural identity and social practice, individual integrity and political motive, as well as themes with transformative ability. We combine traditional forms of live, performance art with cutting edge technology, video installation and good, old-fashioned imagination.

Production & Music

Since the collaboration of music and words is interagal for story telling, Mystik Films is dedicated to expanding our individual and collective mytholigies by creating a cinematic forum for cultural exploration. By reaching out to global consciousness, regardless of borders, we hope to open up a lens to other worlds, other peoples and ourselves. Looking through such a lens, the naked eye perceives what the human soul inherently knows, and the mystiks of the world so carefully reveal.

Projects / In development

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Kapax: Heart of Water.
This documentary combines history, inspiring heroism, and educational content to deliver a powerful message to the masses – Potable water, an abundant resource in the Amazon and scarce worldwide, is at risk of becoming a commodity. Kapax, a 65 year old, South American Icon known as the Colombian Tarzan, tells the true story of his life long struggle to preserve the Amazon, its people and water from corporate exploitation. Kapax uses his identity to further an activist agenda that frequently puts him at odds with powerful elites in government and private industry. Fueled by a greed for the rich resource of the Guarani Aquifer, outside forces are buying up huge tracts of the Amazon, in an effort to corral the drinking water supply of the region. Armed only with a camera, the aging Kapax embarks on a cinematic mission to save the Amazon’s water, its culture and its glory.
Visit the Kapaxthemovie.com

  • Ana Santos: Director / Producer
  • Glenn English: Director / Producer

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Handsome, brash and successful, television star Sloane West certainly has a way with the fairer sex. Be they fans, extras or other men's wives, Sloane goes through women faster than Casanova changed his stockings. Adored by many, courted by the powerful, he is ready fort the journey to Hollywood and the promise of celluloid immortality. That is until three very different women meet on afternoon for coffee. Total strangers until today, Katya, Josie, and Emily have come together to discuss the only two things they have in common - Sloane West and a desire for revenge.

  • Glenn English: Director

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Kanamari: Journey to Terra Indigena. Post production. It's a short film documentary dedicated to the Kanamari and other indigenous communities who are struggeling to find their own voice in a world of homonization and technology. It's an epic journey to one of the most isolated communities in the world: The Kanamari in Terra Indigena. The struggles of this communities to keep their ancestral knowledge alive, while becoming more inclusively affected by the impact and changes of their environment and and natural resources. The journey of a foreign people to help the Kanamari represents a life story that is essencial and repeats in all humanity. The story focuses on their search for an identity already lost, and a questions on the way we perceive modes of thinking, technology and progress.

  • Ana Santos: Director

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Carbon pollution

Is a video presentation designed and produced for SS+K as part of their environmental campaign CCO NOT COOL to help educate people about the importance of supporting the "Cap and trade" policy bill. The goal of cutting carbon pollution in half, as well as passing further legislations to reduce global warming, control acid rain, create incentives for companies to reduce gas emisions and encourage international agreements to produce effective and serious solutions for reducing global warming.

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Peace was a media communication video campaign for the United Nations to inspire and educate the world community regarding the mission of UN peacekeepers. This video was part of a UN Blue Helmets initiative to promote their global missions and good works abroad. Ana Santos was invited as a motion graphics designer to generate and create an informative message for the peace keeping campaign.

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Events + more

In addition to our current projects and production work Mystik films also cover world festivals, concerts, contest and unique public events such as: Blessing of the animals, halloween parade, new york street performers, indigenous festivals, dance contests and celebrity fundraising events.

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Motion Graphics

We collaborate with various filmmakers, designers and artists doing illustration, 3d, motion graphics. We have produced numerous DVD entrances, informercials, credits, graphics and animation for films and multimedia

who we are


Glenn is a playwright, screen writer and director based in New York City. He has a Masters in dramatic theory and cristicism from Hunter College and teaches theater for CUNY. As a fllm maker, Glenn specializes in dark, acerbic comedies that concern themselves with the disenfranchised members of society, such as women, children and artists. He was an originating writer for the upcoming television series "House of Lords" and works regularly as a script doctor in the feautre film and commercial theater market. more


Ana is a conceptual creative thinker and Multimedia artist, with extensive knowledge in technology, TV, film and art direction. She currently resides in New York when she has been developing high-quality multimedia, audiovisual production for over 12 years. She developed LIVE TV series for NBC, informertials for social various tv shows and artists, as well innovative pieces for different clients, as IFC, SS+K, Sony, Premiere, AMC, New York Film Academy and others. Ana also works passionately for social and environmental causes as Save the forest, Save the Culture. more


Sonia currently resides in Valencia Spain where she works for multiple clients as a producer for various types of multimedia projects. With a Masters in business and technology, she worked in New York as a marketing director in various international educational organizations doing and creating contests and events in Europe and Asia. Sonia worked for 4 years with New York Film Academy where she developed her passion for film. With NYFA, she organized contests and projects and worked with various Television programs, festivals and talent.


Taku has more than 18 years of professional experience in the music industry, both in Japan and internationally, including composing work and as an performing artist. Taku was also a vocalist with Earth Your Green UK, and is signed with Pop Music UK is currently awaiting the release of his album "Taku Kawahara". Taku also works in Spain and Colombia as a composer for Television, (channel 4), theater (mapa teatro), Music teacher (Emat) and performer (Muerte en Pereira). At this moment living in Japan. more

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